Roca Scary Farms

Like I said last time I was going to Roca Scary Farms near Lincoln, NE and it was so much fun I literally screamed out of fear all night long! If you guys are ever near Roca in October you should totally go check that out! We went through the haunted houses, the zombie paintball shootout, sinister circus, and the best thing of all The Physcopath!!! It was so amazing!! Bye now!

Good Morning!!!

hello! So I just woke up about 30 minutes ago and I still have to take my morning shower and eat some breakfast because today I don’t have school so my twin brother and two of our close friends are going to Roca Berry Farms in Lincoln, NE I’m super excited because this will be my first time there but I don’t want to pay the $25 to get in… also today I will be going shopping and then out to eat so I’m so happy that we have a fall break because I’m bust this weekend and wouldn’t have any other time to go!!! Okay so I’ll blog again tonight because now like I said earlier I’m going to shower, eat breakfast, and finally curl my hair and get dressed for the day! Also what will you guys be for Halloween? Can’t believe it’s next week already! Anyway have a great day I’ll blog again tonight!

First Blog!


Okay, so this is my very first blog I have ever done! I’m super excited to see what comes from this! I will be blogging everyday that I have my laptop so I’ll have to miss out on summer blogs:( Anyway my name is Julia which you have probable already figured out but my life is very entertaining and a lot of people ask me about it so I just thought why now start a blog and please don’t get upset about my punctuation I hate taking the time to look for my period or exclamation point or whatever so yeah I will not be using correct punctuation… right now where I live it is 8:50 p.m. soooo I will probably be ending this soon because I have to go shower but I hope you guys have a great night or morning whatever even though there will probably never be a person to read this but oh well Talk to you soon!!! Also the picture above this is of a couple of my friends and I during hoco week.. it was obviously pajama day! Leave some comments and guess which person I am and after a couple guesses I’ll say which one I am! no other blogs will be like this my following blogs will about my day not like this